The tension in the rap game has been brewing especially between two rappers, Quando Rondo and Lil Durk. The tension arose back in November of 2020 following the fatal shooting of King Von when Quando Rondo’s team and Von’s collided. Since then, there have been reports claiming that Lil Durk allegedly bought out Quando Rondo’s show, forcing the rapper the cancel his appearance.

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Shortly after the incident, Quando Rondo dropped a single titled, “End of Story” where he said some interesting lyrics addressing what happened the night King Von lost his life. “See, nowadays, it’s like the fans doing the police job. Y’all talk that gangsta sh*t but cry when a nigga get knocked You ’posed to walk it how you talk it,” the lyrics stated.

“Blood on your brother on the ground, go and pick your mans up Damn right, we scrеaming self-defense, he shouldn’t have never put his hands on me,” he continued.


This time, Quando Rondo is being accused of using a Lil Durk look-alike in his newest controversial music video, “Soul Reaper” where a man with blonde dreads is being kidnapped and shot. Fans were quick to connect the dots and assume that Quando Rondo could have been sending a subliminal message to Lil Durk, calling him out about it on social media.

The rapper took to his Instagram account to set the record straight, “These fans make anything up,” he stated. “N*gga don’t even be thinking like that.”

Fans have been tweeting Rondo in hopes that the situation could dissolve before someone else gets hurt. “Quando Rondo is fighting fire with fire. He need to chill,” one fan stated.

“Aint no way Quando Rondo still dissing Von,” another fan commented. “At this point, he just throwing gas on the beef.”

Hopefully the men involved will be able to settle their differences, as the video could possibly upset some folks. Check out the video and let us know what you think.