Tessica Brown, dubbed the Gorilla Glue Girl, donates $20k of her GoFundMe money to a reconstructive surgery organization. The Gorilla is doing her due diligence.

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Tessica Brown’s long journey is coming to an end. In addition to her finally getting the industrious grade glue out of her hair, she’s now donating to a reconstructive surgery organization.

Brown will be donating $20k of Brown’s GoFundMe campaign to the Restore Foundation.


The foundations is a nonprofit organization that provides reconstructive surgery services for people around the world. It makes sense that Brown chose the Restore Foundation. This is because the organization was founded by Dr. Michael Obeng. Dr. Obeng is the  Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon who successfully performed the hair-restoration procedure for Brown free of charge.

After posting a video to TikTok showing her inability to move the hair that was glued to her scalp, Brown received plenty of sympathy from the public. TMZ reported that Brown was inspired to make the donation because she wants others who need this type of procedure to have the same access she did. Additionally, she wants to make sure they have access even if they cannot afford such procedures.

Brown’s GoFundMe campaigned earned over $21,000. Since her annoucement, she is planning to keep $1,000 of the GoFundMe cash to pay for the emergency room visit; this was before flying to the West Coast for the surgical procedure that Dr. Obeng performed, her manager told TMZ.

Also, Brown has stated that she does not plan to sue the Gorilla Glue Company. In an interview with ET, Brown says:

“I don’t understand what all of the other stuff is coming from. No. I’ve never ever said that. Again, I don’t know where all this is coming from because at this point everybody saying it.”

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