Draymond Green went ham on the NBA.

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Before Golden State rolled Cleveland Monday night, Green watched Cavaliers’ center  Andre Drummond come out and warm up, then go back and put on his street clothes to watch the game. Drummond was sitting out because the Cavaliers want to trade the center and don’t want to risk him getting injured.

After the game, Green let the media know how he feels about how players are treated by fans and the press when said players push for a trade vs. what happens when teams do the same thing.


Green spoke nothing but the truth in his passionate speech. Green mentions how James Harden became public enemy number one after wanting out of Houston. Green also mentions how Kyrie Irving was dragged through the mud for his mental health break. He also wondered why players get blamed for failing to live up to expectations instead of teams taking the blame for failing to properly develop their talent or put it in the best position to succeed.

Green is not yet a member of the leadership at the NBAPA, but he would make a great union rep for the players if he wanted to. Either way, Green’s rant should serve as a think piece towards NBA players on how management and ownership view them.