Kevin Hunter is accusing Wendy Williams of being an absent mother to their son. The ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, is firing back at Williams for throwing shade.

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Wendy Williams has apparently been throwing shade at both Kevin Hunter and his mistress Sharina Hudson. Now, Kevin Hunter is fed up. After Wendy Williams made numerous claims, the ex-husband of the TV host is now firing back at Wendy Williams’ fans who attacked him in Instagram comments.

It all started on Valentine’s Day. Hunter is seen sharing a sweet tribute to Sharina on his social media. The post features a photo of Hunter holding hands with Sharina, with whom he shares a daughter together. He goes on to caption the post by saying, “QUEEN & SLIM ……back @ it again!! LOL ….’CELEBRATE YOUR QUEEN ELEVATE YOUR KING! ENJOY!!!”


Furthermore, the post did not seem to sit well with many Wendy’s fans. Quickly after posting the photo, her fans went after Kevin on her behalf.

“Disrespectful on every level is sleeping with another woman husband for years. Wendy told him to give his daughter a good education and keep her off the pole,” one wrote.

To that, Kevin hit back by alluding that Wendy is an absent mother for their son Kevin Jr. “Disrespectful is saying that after she SAVED her sons life..where was she tho..hmmmm,” he replies

Another insult directing at Kevin reads,

“Y’all keep spending Wendy’s money lol don’t talk about her parenting scumbag.” Kevin fired back, “unfortunately parenting is part of MARRIAGE..truth gonna hurt sis..I’m trying to keep it cool..GODBLESS. plus she let world kno she hid IUD and didn’t even wanna try in is everything.”

What do you guys think? Is Kevin Hunter in the wrong? If so, why? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for updates.