As we await the conclusion of the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez case, it’s safe to say if the rapper was looking for any positivity these days, he may want to look away from social media. Tory Lanez and his hairline have been the talk of the town after memes of the rapper with his top exposed have been circulating the internet.

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Fans aren’t the only one’s roasting the rapper for his hair. Just recently Charlamagne Tha God stepped into the chat after posting a throwback video of the Canadian rapper explaining the plan to get a hairline makeover.

In the video, you can hear Tory explain why he put $30K behind his hairline, “My hair was never that f*cked up. Just once my edges started going crazy -” Tory begin before being cut off by Charlamagne. “Bullsh*t Tory, your hairline was trash like mine.”


“Look at my old sh*t. Everything in here was straight, just my sides and my edges was getting crazy my n*gga. It was getting ridiculous so I was like ‘Yo I gotta fix this sh*t.'”

Charlamagne didn’t seem to be satisfied with Tory’s explanation as he went straight for the kill by asking the cameraman to come closer on a spot in the Tory’s head.

“Ayo Nick if you come over here, I’ma whoop your ass my n*gga,” Tory said while pointing at the cameraman.

Tory is gearing up to release his new single “Feels” featuring Chris Brown, on Friday, February 19th. Check out the clip here.