South Carolina passes a bill on Wednesday that bans nearly all abortions in the state. The bill in South Carolina is now headed to the governor for his signature.

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The South Carolina House on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a bill banning nearly all abortions.

Following the lead of other states, SC has similar measures that will go into effect if the U.S. Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v. Wade. Additionally, the bill faces a final procedural vote in the House today (Thursday) that is unlikely to change the outcome. Afterward, the bill will then be sent to the governor for his signature. Republican Governor Henry McMaster has promised to sign the measure as soon as possible.


The Senate approved the measure on January 28, after years of failed attempts. Republicans gained three seats in the 2020 elections and the newly energized 30-16 Republican majority made the proposed Senate Bill No. 1. “This is the greatest pro-life bill this state has ever passed,” said Republican Representative David Hiott of Pickens.

About a dozen states have already passed similar or more restrictive abortion bans. These bills could take effect if the U.S. Supreme Court — with three justices appointed by Republican former President Trump — were to overturn Roe v. Wade. It’s uncertain what the affect will be if that comes into play. However, many are upset about the new rulings.  Pro-choice advocates are expected to sue to prevent the law from going into effect.

“You love the fetus in the womb. But when it is born, it’s a different reaction,” said Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter of Orangeburg. “‘The government not having any business mandating face masks’ sounds to me real close to ‘the government not having any business telling a woman what to do with her body,” she added.

The South Carolina Bill Affect on Abortion

According to The Associated Press, during Wednesday’s House approval, most Democrats walked out of the chamber to protest the bill. During the walkout, Republicans wiped out more than 100 proposed amendments. After holding a news conference to speak against the bill, several Democrats returned to express their opposition to the measure.

Rep. Melissa Lackey Oremus was 16 when she got pregnant and she shares the first time she heard her child’s heartbeat.

“That sound to me was, I had a human being inside of me,” Oremus said. “That sound, it was the most beautiful sound to me. How could I have a choice to kill that sound, to make it go away?”

Several pro-lifers were reportedly gathered outside the House chamber on Wednesday, cheering and hugging Republican lawmakers who pushed for the abortion ban.

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