Yella Beezy is one of the artists putting Dallas on the map and he’s gearing up to release “a lot more hits.”

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Its been three years since the release of his breakout single, “That’s On Me” and Yella is preparing for the release of his upcoming album, Blank Checc.

Aside from rap, Yella has a trucking company and plans to open an assisted living facility for mentally disabled adults.


“My family been working with them like my whole life. So growing up, that’s what my mama was doing. So it was just something that I already looked into. You know what I’m saying? Then? Like, it’s very beneficial to the other person who owns the half in the daycare. You know what I’m saying?” he said during a 30-minute interview. So my family already showed a passion for those people for years like. Bring them to church with them and to like, family outings and all type of stuff. It be more than a job with them. So I always like, okay, that’ll be a family business. A lot of people always open up restaurants and sh*t like that for family business and my family already know the ins-and-outs of this so why not?”

In another part of the conversation, Yella Beezy spoke about the motivation to switch to a pescatarian diet. “I gained weight like 2018. I’ve never been that size in my life. I was never no husky dude at all. I always was skinny and that just came from just being on the road and just grinding really. I kinda got lost in that and had to shake back.”

With a co-sign from Hip Hop’s most powerful couple, Beyonce and JAY-Z, and his natural hit-making ability, Yella Beezy’s “shake back” will be real.

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