Cinematography and music have always gone hand in hand. A great visual aspect for music is such a bonus and can even bring a side out of a song that maybe wouldn’t be seen without the visual. With the release of Young Dom’s music video for his booming single “Plug,” the music and the video’s cinematography are beyond impressive. With seamless and outstanding editing and transitions, this music video holds the viewer’s attention for not only one watch but for many views after that. The body of work Dom, his team, and editors created is truly stunning and worth countless viewings.

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The music video opens with great production that is met with great vocals, as always. As the video continues, the transitions that build between shots work to form a story bring such a unique and creative spin. By not following the usual cookie-cutter way of filming, the song and visuals go above and beyond. Both inspiring verses, catchy hooks, and beautiful visual aspects create an amazing trifecta of what happens when great music meets great cinematography.

Be sure to watch “Plug” to see all of the ins and outs of the video. It’s worth viewing more than once as the amount of talent packed into only a few minutes is enough to cover more than ten music videos. Be sure to keep an eye out for more substantial releases from Young Dom and his team.  


Check out Young Dom’s latest music video for “Plug” on Youtube here

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