A Texas mayor resigned from his post amid backlash after he slammed “lazy” and “weak” residents seeking government help. The request for help followed power outages and freezing temperatures brought on by the vicious Texas snowstorm.

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Former Texas Mayor, Tim Boyd wasn’t shy when he shared his message to residents. In his Facebook post, Boyd prepares readers by starting off his rant with, “Let me hurt some feelings.” It’s actually quite sad and disheartening to many. He continues his rant by going on about how nobody owes “your [or] your family anything!” Wild.

“No one owes you [or] your family anything; nor is it the local government’s responsibility to support you during trying times like this!” he said. “Sink or swim it’s your choice! The City and County, along with power providers or any other service owes you NOTHING! I’m sick and tired of people looking for a damn handout.”