Source Streaming is a new streaming service developed by The Northstar Group and The Source. While the company is only offering the beta version of the app, users can still get a taste of what Source Streaming has to offer. Right now, the app is offering access to exclusive interviews with celebrities, music videos, documentaries, movies, and more! If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the app, we’ve curated a list of movies you can watch on Source Streaming today.

Life of a King (2013)

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Director: Jake Goldberger

Writer: Jake Goldberger, David Scott, Dan Wetzel


Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Dennis Heysbert, George Dick, Richard T. Jones

Life of a King is based on the true story of Eugene Brown, an ex-felon who makes it his life’s mission to empower inner-city youth through a Chess Club (Big Chair Chair Chess Club) in Washington, D.C.

Animal (2005)

Director: David J. Burke

Writers: David C. Johnson, Ving Rhames

Cast: Ving Rhames, Terrence Howard, Chazz Palminteri, Taraji P. Henson

Ving Rhames stars in this movie as a notorious gangster nicknamed Animal, who is forced to reconcile his past in order to make a future for his criminally-minded son (played by Terrence Howard).

Stock Option (2015)

Director: Mark Harris

Writer: Mark Harris

Cast: Amin Joseph, Antonique Smith, Tasha Smith, Aaron D. Spears, Todd Anthony

A stock broker’s life (played by Amin Joseph) is turned upside-down when he becomes homeless and is forced to live in front of an office building where a famous print model (played by Antonique Smith) works. After he heroically rescues her from a robbery attempt one night, she takes him home to thank him.

Wild Style (1982)

Director: Charlie Ahearn

Writers: Charlie Ahearn, Fab 5 Freddy (Fred Braithwaite)

Cast: ‘Lee’ George Quinones, Lady Pink, Fab 5 Freddy, Patti Astor, Andrew Witten, Busy Bee, Carlos Morales

Wild Style is universally considered the first hip-hop movie. The film is based on New York’s hip-hop culture in the ’80s and several prominent figures, including the Cold Crush Brothers, Grandmaster Flash, and more!

Gang of Roses (2003)

Director: Jean-Claude La Marre

Writer: Jean-Claude La Marre

Cast: Monica Calhoun, Stacey Dash, Lisa Raye, Marie Matiko, Lil Kim

Monica Calhoun is ‘Rachel’; the former leader of a disbanded all-female gang. When she learns her sister is in danger, Rachel convinces her former comrades to out of retirement to rescue her sister. This old western movie is filled with some of the hottest ’90s babes, including Stacey Dash and Lil Kim.