It is a new day as New Jersey becomes the 15th state in the country to completely legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Gov. Phil Murphy vowed to make this a priority during his term and has lived up to his word. Gov. Murphy signed three bills on Monday, Feb. 22nd to make it official for possession up to 6 ounces for anyone who is 21 year or older. He took to his Twitter account to expound the on the new mandate and thanked NJ residents in the process.

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“I thank every New Jerseyan who supported the constitutional amendment this past fall. Your overwhelming support spurred us to keep working, to keep talking, to keep our eyes on the goal line. Thank you. “

Most importantly, those who have faced charges for marijuana possession “will be able to get relief and move forward.” While the statement is quite vague from the governor, it is a step in the right direction. The people are adamant about expunging and cleaning records of anyone who is currently facing or have faced charges for marijuana. The aforementioned along with steps to set up a marketplace are the next steps to creating more opportunities for disenfranchised communities in the state of New Jersey. While we celebrate this achievement, there is more work to do.