Akeen Downer is one of New York’s top up and coming comedians. His unique perspective on his talent has landed him on various blogs including World Star Hip Hop and Daily News.  Akeen is the next upcoming Bronx rapper who is taking over with his music, skits and unique talents. 

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Many of Akeen’s talents, during his music career as a Hip Hop and RNB artist, he has won a performance hosted by Hip Hop Mike from Hot 97 and looks forward to further expanding his musical career across different audiences. Akeen has a new track called “Killers”. Akeen has collaborated with different various other instagram influencers entertaining the public with comedy. His funny videos have gone viral reaching some of the top brands. 

After working on his craft for being a comedian and rapper, Akeen is now one of the film directors for an upcoming movie called “CORY”. The film is about a girl that goes on a one night stand who meets a rapper named Cory that throws a party. In the film, the girl finds the rapper attractive who she then has a one night stand with. Little does the girl know, the rapper Cory is crazy in love with her and finds out that she is in a relationship. The film Cory is set to release this year.