Bobby Shmurda is doing his part to make sure the marathon continues. Long live Nipsey Hussle

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Bobby Shmurda is fresh home after serving almost seven years in prison and he’s wiser and ready to move like a business, man.

In his first interview post-prison with GQ, the rapper revealed that he was in solitary confinement for a lot and spent his time reading real estate and finance books.


“I know what y’all like. I know what y’all don’t like. Y’all don’t like to see young, Black rich niggas. So I’m going to get real rich on y’all. I’m going to make it legit, though. They want to see you niggas back selling crack. You know what I mean? Going to jail and shit. And I’m going to make it legit now.”

Bobby Shmurda says he had “four or five conversations” with Nipsey Hussle, who is best known for his financial blueprint, before his tragic death. “His mind was different. He was saying all the things we were going to do when I got out.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Quavo revealed that Bobby detailed his first day out plans at least six months to a year ago. “He had this dream: a jet, flooded out with his gang, his family, a couple vibes [read: women] for him,” the Migos rapper said. It’s like his birthday today. Whatever he wants to do, we’re doing it.”

Welcome home, Bobby!