K. Michelle has an embarrassing butt malfunction while on her Instagram live. After undergoing multiple butt procedures, K. Michelle is still having issues. 

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Singer K. Michelle had an oops moment during her Instagram live video. Unfortunately, her butt implant deflated while she was during her IG live.

In the video, we see Michelle wearing a black dress and dancing to Cardi B’s ‘Up’ in her room. As the song continues, Michelle is seen breaking it down, in which she decides to twerk. However, she stops once she realizes the accident that happened. Afterward, Michelle tries to play it off by dancing a little before ending the video.


You can watch the video down below.

Since then, fans have been reacting to the video all over Twitter. Some even tried to make memes out of the situation. However, four years ago, K. Michelle underwent multiple surgeries to remove botched “black market” silicone butt injections. At the time she said she had the surgery to reclaim her butt the natural way.

Since the malfunction, the singer has responded. Taking to Twitter, K. Michelle sends out a tweet in which she says:

We hope she can let this moment fly over her being that it is unfortunate. How did you guys feel about K.Michelle’s mishap? Let us know in the comments below.