From New York City to Hip-Hop fans across the world, everyone rejoiced to welcome Bobby Shmurda home on Tuesday. The Brooklyn rapper was released after serving almost 6 years in prison. The love was massive across social media. Prior to his release, Shmurda stated that he wanted to get right back to work upon his release. The first sight of Shmurda’s homecoming was hopping off a jet with Quavo to be embraced by his mother. He then made his way into NYC where he was celebrated with a welcome home party.

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Attendees were his GS9 brother, Rowdy Rebel, Funk Flex, Fabulous and more. He even received a huge welcome home from the New York Knicks. In Bobby Shmurda’s video to his hit single, “Hot Ni**a,” he is seen throwing up his Knicks hat before breaking into the Shmoney Dance.

It is likely that the Knicks will certainly look to host Bobby Shmurda at a game during the second half of the season.