Despite the success of Coming To America, Arsenio Hall revealed that he made a pact with his co-star, Eddie Murphy, to never do a sequel.

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During a recent interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the former late-night talk show host explained the pact was the reason the follow-up was delayed.

“It took 30 years because we never planned on doing it. In fact, we shook and said, ‘Let’s never do a sequel.’ We were so happy with it. It was perfect, we’re never going to mess with it.”

Coming To America has grown into a cult classic since its release three decades ago and the duo revisited their pact after realizing that.


Arsenio says he loved the storyline Eddie pitched, but he had an issue with who the comedian wanted to cast as his son.

“[Eddie Murphy] wanted Tracy Morgan to play his son — and I think Eddie and Tracy look about the same age. But, he’s Eddie Murphy, so you have to say it easy. You know what I did, I did it in joke form and said, ‘Maybe in the third one, Morgan Freeman can be your son.’ “

Although Tracy Morgan won’t portray Eddie’s son he still has a supporting role in the movie. Check out Arsenio Hall’s interview on The Late Show below: