Shawn Sharma went from trailer park to millionaire status and is eager to teach you to do the same!

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These days all we hear about is how people want to reinvent themselves, whether that is losing weight, getting ripped, making millions, or getting Instagram-famous. Worse are those who have achieved a level of success but are vague about how they got there. Shawn Sharma has not only risen from poverty but made millions of dollars doing work he loves and teaching thousands of others to do the same. The best part? He doesn’t keep secrets. He is eager to tell anyone who wants to know how to start where you are and make conscientious consumer decisions that will lead to repaired credit, cashback, and perks that you may not have realized you were entitled to by being a cardholder. Sharma helps clients learn the importance of their credit score and how to maximize credit card and travel rewards to create wealth, all the while hammering home the simple truth that anyone really can do it.

Sharma grew up poor, but not because of unmotivated parents. On the contrary, he is the son of educated immigrant parents who could not convert their education into comparable jobs in the US through a series of challenging circumstances and obligations. Sharma’s result was that it made him double down on his own work ethic from a young age. Full rides to private school, entrance to Cornell University, and eventually, medical school were the results. While in college, he discovered the highly profitable benefits of credit arbitrage from which he was quickly earning $2,000-$3,000 per day. Founding Credit 101, Sharma created a plan to help others leverage their own credit to obtain wealth and success as he did.  


One of Sharma’s many successful businesses is Credit 101, which helps thousands of people legally take advantage of credit cards and travel offers, such as bonuses, rewards, cash-back, etc. The business grew from the early days of Sharma maximizing frequent flyer miles and transformed into over a dozen successful companies, earning Sharma a seven-figure income. He says, “I want to help others achieve the American dream, that’s half the fun!” One way he accomplishes this is to teach his clients the importance of monitoring their credit as a daily habit. The response has been staggering. An Instagram following of over 1 million has proved that people are hungry for this very information, tired of being stuck in a financial rut that is often rooted in a poor credit score.

The takeaway with Sharma is that if he can do it, anyone can. He did not start out rich, far from it, in fact. But his journey proves that anything is possible. He credits his past missteps (including bankruptcy) for strengthening his resolve to overcome any obstacle. Additionally, things like skin color, socioeconomic background, or other typically unfavorable circumstances are not hindrances in the world of credit. “Everyone starts with a baseline credit” is the message. Sharma says, “My entire success is rooted in understanding the importance of credit. Without this firm grip on the subject, I’d have never been able to get an elite education through leveraging student loans, start credit card arbitrage, or discover the success I have found at such a young age.  

 Those who succeed in business are the people who have a philanthropic heart, which describes Sharma to a “t.” Sharma still takes care of his disabled mother, which is one reason he left college several years ago. He also gives back to society through various charities and inspires people who start off in life as he did: absent a silver spoon. Sharma is proof that anyone can achieve success if they take the time to learn the ropes and back the knowledge up with hard work and good daily habits.To follow Shawn and learn more about how you can fix your credit score and maximize your personal wealth, check him out on his website or Instagram.