Luenell is set to star in the upcoming highly-anticipated sequel for Coming To America and spoke about working closely with her former enemy, Leslie Jones.

“I was quite content with me and Leslie’s beef. I was fine with it okay, but also knowing that we had to work together in a film that’s going to be epic, I came to the set with the mindset that I’m going to put everything aside. I’m gonna speak, we’re gonna make history this is gonna be amazing,” she told The Jasmine Brand.

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Luenell is known for telling it like it is so you know this conversation took a twist.

She revealed that she served four months of a year-long sentence after robbing the bank that she worked for.


“I knew that the bank that I was working at was about to fail and being the hustler that I thought I was, I said well I’m gonna get some of this money before this bank goes to hell. So I robbed the bank – embezzlement if you want to call it that. I got away with this for over 10 years then I finally got popped by the feds and I went to a jail. I did four months and 18 days on a year bid at Twin Towers.”

Luenell is currently 61-years-old and had a long career in Hollywood, so she sure has a lot of wisdom to share.

“A biography is possibly in the works. We’re at the beginning stages of that. Writing a book has definitely been something that I…I have half of me that wants to do it and half me knows I can’t do it if I did it the way I want to because I too want to name names, I too want to not protect the oppressors. I do want to tell it but I have family…and I don’t want to bust up my family.”