The hip-hop community celebrated this week after Bobby Shmurda was released from prison. Shmurda spent six years behind bars after being arrested with other members of GS9 on a list of charges. There was a lot of speculation he would be released early and even took on two more years so that Rowdy Rebel could get less time. But now, Bobby is a free man, and fans across the world are celebrating by playing his music.

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In fact, people have been playing his music so much that Shmurda’s music has seen an almost 600% spike. According to MRC data, in the United States alone, Bobby’s streams hit 3.7million the following day, and are up 624% since his release on February 23. 

Since his release, Bobby has been enjoying his newfound freedom. Quavo made true to his promise and picked him up after being released. Clips surfaced of Bobby at a party with a mask on turning down a drink. He reportedly told Meek Mill during a Facetime call that he’ll be “lightskin in Jamaica” before he goes back to prison.