The mystery box business model is intriguing shoppers worldwide. Companies are filling boxes with luxury items, which customers open for a fixed price. What they get is one of the items inside, often of far greater value than the price of the box itself. With the pandemic leading to thousands of retail outlets closing their doors and declaring bankruptcy (and keeping would-be shoppers indoors), companies are breathing new life into online shopping with mystery boxes. The concept has caught on like wildfire with Millennials and Gen Z. But for some shoppers, common assumptions regarding the industry are still an issue. 

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One company, Hybe, is changing the middling perception some have of the mystery box business model. Ever since its founding in 2018, Hybe has placed value and fairness at the heart of its shopping experience. With a focus on luxury fashion, footwear and technology, Hybe has already given over a million customers access to brands and products that are normally priced way out of reach. For some, this could be the future of online shopping: paying less to get more, with the added excitement that mystery boxes bring. Hybe also allows customers to exchange unwanted items for credit, which can immediately be used against future unboxings.

The mystery box business model intersects with gamified and social shopping. Gamified shopping is anything that gives customers a more fun, engaging experience than just picking out an item and paying for it. With continually changing consumer habits – both before and during the pandemic – it’s no wonder this style of shopping is picking up traction worldwide. Social shopping, on the other hand, gives people a secure and trusted platform to connect, communicate and even compete with other shoppers. Hybe does all of these things. It’s ecommerce done differently. 


Hybe also incorporates a number of features designed to safeguard shopper confidence. For instance, users can independently verify the outcome of their unboxing. Hybe also provides visible and up-to-date “drop rates,” which display the probability of getting a specific item within a mystery box. They also provide dedicated customer support, to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and professionally.

The biggest highlight of shopping with Hybe is Value Guarantee. What this means is that every product in every box is worth at least as much as the price paid for the box itself. So when shoppers purchase a $20 mystery box, they’re guaranteed to receive an item worth at least $20 – and often exponentially more. Whether you’re shopping for clothes, sneakers, phones or something else, Hybe’s mystery boxes give you the opportunity to land the products you’re looking for, and you never get less than what you paid. Combining choice and control when it comes to mystery boxes provides an alternative to shoppers who want to get something nice but can’t decide on what exactly to get.

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Learn more about Hybe by going to the official website. You can also follow Hybe on Instagram @hybecom and Twitter @hybecom, or connect with them on Facebook and Discord.