Over the weekend the Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Mavericks clashed during the NBA’s Saturday night primetime slot. The shorthanded Nets only had James Harden of their big 3 and was bested by the young phenom Luka Doncic.

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After the game, Harden spoke glowingly of the young superstar who put up 27 points.

“He never lets anyone speed him up, and he gets what he wants. That’s rare for a guy at a young age,” Harden said. “I think he’s 21 years old. And to be able to dictate the game and control the game like he does, we all know he has a very, very bright future.”


He added, “The Mavs got a special one.”

Harden and Doncic could be teammates this coming Sunday in the NBA All-Star game. The rosters will be chosen by LeBron James and Kevin Durant on TNT this Thursday.