Deb Antney’s visit to Drink Champs is a must-see. In an earlier clip, Antney revealed Gucci Mane finessing French Montana out of $5,000. The latest update from the episode gets highlights from Antney’s time around Nicki Minaj and Safaree.

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“I know I really shouldn’t say this, bless my heart,” Deb opened. “I never knew that her and Safaree was going together. Yeah, I thought Safaree was…I thought Safaree was a gay guy that she hung out with and he was her helper.”

“He broke down everything, that they was together for the year. I didn’t even know. She never—that’s one thing about her, she never gave any inkling that anything was going on with them. I just thought he was…God forgive me. I thought he was just a gay guy that was helping her and he was her hype guy or something. I just never knew anything.”


You can hear the whole story from Deb below.