NBA Skills Trainer Chris Brickley has entered a new partnership with BODYARMOR Sports Drink, the fastest-growing sports drink in the category.

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The partnership grew through an introduction to the brand via James Harden, Donovan Mitchell, and Trae Young, all of which he has trained over the years. They are all also BODYARMOR partners.

“BODYARMOR is one of the most competitive brands out there today so I couldn’t be more excited to join the team,” Brickley said. “We share that same mentality to be the best out there – and just seeing what they’ve done with some of the guys I train regularly, I’m thrilled to be a part of #TeamBODYARMOR and help grow this brand.”


“Athletes want to train hard and be pushed even harder,” Brickley said to The Source. “That’s why it’s important to put the best in your body and the best sports drink is BodyArmor.”

Working with the best athletes has helped keep me on my toes as well as motivated. The top basketball players in the world also have some of the best conditioning and stamina of any athletes from other sports. Again, it goes back to what you put into your body for optimal performance. Hydration is the key to success. That’s why I love and always recommend Body Armor as a go-to drink. It’s loaded with everything you will need to get you through a game and workout.

– Chris Brickley

Last week, BODYARMOR debuted a national campaign in correspondence with its newly launched caffeinated sports drink EDGE, featuring brand partners Ja Morant and Kyler Murray.