Lil Uzi Vert and his recent shenanigans have led to him being in the media over and over again. Most recently, the rapper has been getting a flood of opinions on his most expensive purchase that lies in his forehead…literally. The rapper bought a $24 Million pink diamond and implanted it into his forehead.

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Just at the beginning of this week, the rapper has been caught allegedly trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend Brittany Byrd after she posted some messages between the two. “My grandma want me to be with you forever I do too,” one of the messages read.

“If Im with somebody how come I tell u call me every f*cking day Im still by myself,” another text reads.


Uzi took to social media to deny the rumors and claim JT as his “dark queen,” and has been flaunting his relationship with JT since.

In a recent live, the rapper tells his fans that he is soon going to drop an album. “Im finna drop an album soon. Finna drop a motherf*cking album,” Uzi states.

Fans have been anticipating a new album from the rapper since his 2020 projects Eternal Atake and the deluxe, and his collab album with Future, Pluto X Baby Pluto.

What do you think of a Lil Uzi X JT collab for the new album?