Google just announced that this past year, the world searched for “the first woman” more than ever before. 

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In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, the most notable search engine is celebrating some of the most notable firsts by women and the many they inspire, from the first woman to break the sound barrier to all of those continuing to break the glass ceiling.

They are also dropping so much knowledge about the incomparable women that have set the path for current trailblazers.
According to recent data, one in three businesses around the world is owned by a woman,3 and in the U.S., 21% of all women-owned businesses are owned by Black women.


As of 2020, just 23 of the 622 Nobel Prizes awarded in the sciences have gone to women.

Every first opens the door for many…CLICK HERE for more ‘firsts’ and check out the awesome tribute below.