Toast up to Cardi B for reaching a new milestone in her career! In honor of Women’s History Month, and just the day after International Women’s Day, the Recording Industry Association of America shared the news that the New York rapper’s breakout single, “Bodak Yellow” has certified Diamond.

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This makes Cardi B the first female rapper to ever sell over 10 million copies and go 10 times platinum. Cardi’s team surprised her with the news by pulling a sheet off of a diamond plaque in a restaurant showing Cardi her new accomplishment. “It’s diamond? For real?” she asked after screaming in joy.

While the rapper has previously expressed her doubt as she prepares to release her forthcoming album, hopefully, the rapper will now feel she is doing something right!  “I don’t even be knowing what should be like the base of my album sometimes. — Should most of my songs be freaky songs? Most of my songs should be about tricking?” I’ve got my sensitive songs and stuff, and it’s just like, ‘Are they enough? Are they explaining my feelings enough?’ My intro is just like… I’ve got like… Three potential intros, and it’s just like, are “They good enough? Are they explaining everything that I want to explain?’”  Cardi explained.


At the same time of getting the news that Bodak Yellow has went Diamond, Cardi’s “WAP” collaboration with Meg Thee Stallion has also just gone five times platinum, despite the harsh criticism that the song was too sexual.

Congratulations to Cardi B for making history!