Words by: Driune Santana

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“Difference between a flower and weed is judgment” – August Alsina. Let’s put aside the judgment, and let’s love and be at peace with all men and women. 

If “Representation Matters” was a video, you can put August Alsina next to it. It has been months since we’ve heard from the “I Love This Shit” singer. On Thursday (March 4), the NOLA native returned with a visual to “Pretty.” Alsina selected the perfect time to release this visual as March is Women’s Month. 


“Pretty” was one of those fan-favorite songs off his album because the lyrics spoke to women who needed to feel uplifted. It was created for women to understand that no matter what we go through or deal with, “you’re still so pretty.” Alsina’s video was a set reminder for women to know that we don’t have to change our appearance or feel pretty.

I remember waking up every day listening to this song and wanting to feel pretty. I wanted to feel confident in my own body. While social media’s power continues to push the narrative of the true meaning of what “Pretty” looks like, I probably won’t even fit in that category. 

“I feel pretty just being my pure imperfect self. I feel strongest by strengthening others and conquering obstacles on my way to living life on my own terms. Imperfection is a part of life – embody it but push forward,” said Diamond, who was one of the women featured in Alsina’s video.