Soulja Boy and WWE Wrestler Randy Orton have been using their Twitter fingers in a back and forth for a few weeks. It started when the “Crank That” rapper mentioned that the rap game is “faker than WWE.” Multiple wrestlers came forward to challenge Soulja Boy on his words and even called him a “one-hit-wonder.”

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Wrestlers Sheamus and Drew McIntyre’s war scars were posted on the internet from their Monday night battle and one thing is for sure, the scars are definitely not fake. Randy Orton took this as an opportunity to further prove his point and remind the rapper that wrestling is real.

“Fake. Right @souljaboy ? Btw, which one of yo baby’s mommas do I send the bill to for making you relevant again? I assume they all own yo ass so whose cuttin those checks,” Orton wrote on Twitter.


“Yeah that shit is fake homeboy. And I don’t got no baby mommas fool. Looks like your the one looking for relevancy. Enough talking set it up so I can slide on u for the gang, u think shit sweet huh,” Soulja Boy responded.

Soulja Boy then took a note from Rihanna’s book in her petty days and posted a side-by-side of the two celebrities’ net worth. In the photo, you can see that Soulja Boy’s net worth comes to $30 Million, while Randy Orton’s net worth comes to $11 Million.

To be extra petty, Soulja Boy then posted a tweet saying, “I can’t argue with a man that wears leather thongs.”

Who do think would win in a fight between Randy Orton and Soulja Boy?