According to an exclusive report from VladTV, federal prosecutors continue to attempt to keep all of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation members behind bars as they reveal more details about the feds claim is the leader of the alleged gang.

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Pictures of handguns with extended clips that were allegedly owned by Ahmed “Ammo” Walker are part of the evidence used by prosecutors to attempt to prove that Walker is the leader, or at least high-ranking member, of the group. Another piece of condemning evidence found in Walker’s possession was a handwritten copy of the U.G.S.N. oath, which all new recruits are allegedly required to memorize. According to prosecutors, Walker bragged about removing nine members from the Nation who couldn’t recite the oath by heart.

The oath reads as follows: “On this day I give my love & life to the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation, for here stands a leader in mind and Gorilla in spirit. Love & loyalty are no longer just slogans, but are our way of life. It will ensure our longevity in our walk of life. So from now until they 5 feet deep me a Gorilla is who I remain!”


Walker, along with 18 others including rapper Caswell “Casanova” Senior, were indicted last year on several gang-related charges, including racketeering and murder. All but one of the 18 could spend the rest of theor lives behind bars if convicted.

Walker and Senior have both been denied bond by a federal judge pending trial..