Legendary producers, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, recently announced that they sold the Verzuz platform to Triller. In exchange, they would become shareholders of the Triller Network. While the two might be celebrating their recent business move, not everybody is happy, especially Power Book II: Ghost star, Michael Rainey Jr.

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Michael Rainey took to Instagram to air out his grievances with the Verzuz creators, saying that they are sellouts for selling the popular platform.

“Cool move but these n****s still sellouts,” Rainey put on his IG account. “Cant ever jus have something of our own it’s always bout the money.”


However, he wasn’t done just yet. He also had a few words for Jay-Z as well for selling his majority stake in Tidal to Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey’s company Square. “N I feel the same way about Jay Z selling Tidal so don’t come to me with that argument,” the actor said in a different post.

Swizz and Timb saw Michael Rainey Jr.’s comments about their recent sale of Verzuz, and brushed it off, stating that they essentially own Triller now. “But we own Triller,” Swizz commented. “We own everything tell who done that,” Timb added.

You can see their response here.