Two of Hip Hop’s iconic female rappers, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown could possibly have some unreleased music in the vault. The feud between the female rappers has led to many diss tracks and shady interviews, however, the time fans have been waiting for could possibly be coming to light.

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In an episode of The Fat Joe Show, notable producer Rashad Ringo Smith plays a snippet of the Lil Kim and Foxy Brown unreleased track. While everyone including Fat Joe may be shocked at the news, it’s good to know that collaborations between the two women do exist.

As Fat Joe tried to push for more of the single to be played, Rashad Ringo Smith said that the unreleased music will “Soon come.”


“Soon come. Just put it that way,” Smith says as he refused to play Lil Kim’s part on the song.

While fans are waiting on the unreleased music to release, there has also been some curiosity surrounding a Verzuz battle between the two influential women. Who’s side would you be on if a Verzuz battle were to happen?