Rap duo Yung Miami and JT have been laying down the City Girls rule book since their breakout record “F*ck Dat N*gga.” The two Florida rappers have been making a name for themselves since 2017, and are still making the charts 2 albums, 1 mixtape, and 30 singles later.

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Over the years, day one City Girl fans have gotten to see the rappers prevail from one of the most challenging moments in their career. Just a day after featuring a spot on Drake’s “In My Feelings” single, JT would receive news that she would be behind bars for credit card fraud, leaving it up to Yung Miami to hold down the rap group in her friend’s absence. For the next 24 months, Yung Miami carried the City Girls name and even gave birth to her baby girl Summer Miami in October of 2019.

Now that JT and Yung Miami are reunited, the girls wasted no time picking up where they left off, releasing an album in June of 2020 titled, “City on Lock” which included hits such as Jobs, P*ssy Talk, Flewed Out, and Winnin.


Recently on Twitter, Yung Miami took a moment to reflect on the progress of her career. “I be rapping my ass off fr now I wanna go to the studio!” she tweeted. “For me to only be rapping for 3 yrs with no experience I feel like I do good af idgaf who think differently. I use to be so shy and nervous I couldn’t record in front of nobody and I never wanted nobody to hear but now I’m more confident ion care who in the room I be like turn it up!!! Tf.”

“We all gotta start from somewhere just give me room to grow,” she continued with a heart emoji.

Could this mean that the City Girls are working on more music?

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