If there is one thing to know about Moniece Slaughter it is that the Love and Hip Hop star is not afraid to spill the deets on a situation. Moniece Slaughter recently helped the public with some details regarding the dating status of Dr. Dre and Apryl Jones. When paparazzi spotted Dr. Dre out with a mystery woman at a restaurant, Moniece had no problem spilling the tea.

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After spilling the deets, Moniece Slaughter then hopped on Instagram Live to share that she was being threatened by the music mogul. She shares with Hollywood Unlocked that an unknown man called her with indirect threats.

“Its the calm before the storm, but he was saying things to me like, ‘Yeah, you know, you mentioned Dre and Apryl on your Live at thirteen minutes and 29 seconds when you were showing your fans your house when they asked you for a house tour,'” she stated.


“Letting me know that he knows the layout of my house. So first of all, a man that I don’t know that just got out of prison, that I’ve never met, couldn’t identify in a lineup, calling my phone, is a threat within itself.”

“Then he goes onto say that, ‘You know, Dre wanted me to tell you to keep his name out your mouth.’ I said, ‘I didn’t say anything negative about him. Yeah, I threw a little shade at her but I didn’t say anything negative about her, either,” she continued. Moniece then shared that the person on the phone made her aware of his connection to the couple, mentioning that Apryl is his friend and Dr. Dre is his brother. She said he then told her that this could become a “situation,” telling Moniece that it could “go left.”

“And what is left,” she asked. “And I vividly remember saying, because you know I’m a smart ass. I haven’t put my blinker on to turn left sir, I’m still very much in my own lane so what is left and why am I receiving a phone call,” she said before asking if any of the blogs will receive the same phone call she got for speaking on the same situation. 

Moniece then details that the man hinted to her that he is a killer before adding that she learned that he was also a snitch. Check out the video below and let us know what you think about the whole … “situation.”