Master P took to Instagram in which he reveals one of his life goals has now changed. Instead of owning an NBA team, Master P wants to own an HBCU.

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Recent news has shed light on the fact that the majority of Historically Black Colleges and Universities were founded on land grants provided by the government. Realizing this has sparked motivation in Master P; where he is taking matters into his own hands to change the future.

On Wednesday, Master P took to his Instagram to reveal that his life goal has now changed.


“I used to want to own an NBA team but now I want to own a HBCU,” opens his video’s caption. This message is all about educating our people. Anybody that’s listening to this and has a business, I want y’all to join this movement with me. We need to make sure our kids get educated the way other the cultures are educated.”

In addition, Master P wanted to extend this goal on his own. He explains in his IG caption that HBCUs graduate more women than any other league of higher education. This includes Vice President Kamala Harris, who graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C.

“More women graduate from HBCU’s than any other university and I love that,” Master P wrote in the caption. “If we’re going to change the narrative, it has to start with the truth, education, and economic empowerment. I was shocked when I Googled who owned and founded HBCU’s. We can’t change the past but we can change the future by investing in the next generation.”