Dr. Dre’s divorce from his estranged wife, Nicole Young is emotionally triggering one of his former victims, Dee Barnes.

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Dee Barnes had a bright future in Hip Hop journalism before she became entangled in the NWA rift, which prompted Dr. Dre to brutally assault her.

Dre has since apologized for abusing multiple women and specifically apologized to Dee in The Defiant Ones documentary. But she wasn’t able to bounce back from the situation and claims Dre blackballed her, while he went on to be one of the wealthiest Hip Hop moguls.


In 2019, Barnes appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and detailed the assault by Dre. She said that he grabbed her by her hair at a party and slammed her to the ground. Dee added, “He continued to assault me in the women’s restroom,” but she tearfully declined to confirm if he sexually assaulted her.

Dr. Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole Young, requested a temporary restraining order claiming that he was threatening her in an unreleased song. But a judge denied her request due to “insufficient evidence.”

Dee Barnes took to Twitter to recall the time she was denied a restraining order against the same man after he brutally attacked her. “This news triggered me… I was also denied a restraining order after being brutally assaulted and receiving threats from #DrDre. I’m logging off need a mental health break.”

Do you think Dr. Dre’s past will continue to haunt Dee Barnes?

Dr. Dre’s ex-girlfriend and child’s mother, Michel’le also accused him of abusing her, shooting a gun at her, and cheating on her with Nicole Young.

What are your thoughts on the entire ordeal?