Kirk Franklin made a public apology this past weekend after his 33-year-old son, Kerrion, leaked a phone call between him and his father, where the gospel singer was heard cursing his son out. However, the public apology was not enough and Kerrion came forward with claims of physical abuse against his father.

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Kerrion responded to Rickey Smiley, who commented on the phone call on his radio show. “Threatening to beat my ass in front of TMZ too? Call me a liar again and I’ll release more tape,” Kerrion said. “I’m giving you a chance to leave me alone. I said I was done, and here yaw come. Everyone except my family. Now I face the world. I am bringing awareness to #ParentalAbuse, this was never about canceling My dad, this was never to sabotage his entire career. This was a call to treat me better.” 

In the post, Kerrion plays another phone call between him and his father. In the caption, he alleges that his father put his hands on him in therapy and quit therapy shortly after. He added that leaking the phone call was never about trying to ruin his father’s career or canceling him but to bring awareness to the abuse he claims he has endured. He also threatened to leak one more phone call


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