Wendy Williams was dishing her usual rumor mill during her nationally syndicated television show when an embarrassing incident occurred. The long-time TV host was giving her hot take on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s recent divorce. During her monologue on the famed couple, she let out a highly noticeable belch, followed by a fart.

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Due to the conspicuous nature of the bodily releases, she quickly apologized to the viewers and live audience. It begins after she speaks on Kim’s potential dating future.

“And she probably got five new boyfriends,” started Williams. “We haven’t caught anybody coming out of the house yet, but you know. It’s just a matter of time. She’s not lonely.”


Before she could finish her last word, she let loose or not one, but two bodily functions.

“I apologize, I apologize,” she said.

Some called it karma for Wendy’s messing rumor report or just a lack of internal bodily control, but the Twitter and Instagram timelines had a field day once the video surfaced.

In other news, Wendy Williams claims that she has a day named in her honor in South Africa. Allegedly, April 10th is “Wendy Williams Day” in South Africa. There is no confirmation as to where Williams got her information, but it led many native South Africans confused.