Many people know by now of the controversy surrounding Kirk Franklin and his son’s relationship after his son leaked a recording of a phone call where the gospel singer is heard cursing at his son. Kirk issued an apology shortly after the video was released, and his son, Kerrion, then leaked another video and alleged that his father was physically abusive towards him. Now, Kirk Franklin has come out and said that it was his son who became more aggressive the older he got.

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In a preview of his first interview since the first audio recording was released, Franklin says that despite what is going on between him and his son, he still loves him. “I know the truth and he knows the truth and I love him,” he said in the upcoming Tamron Hall interview.

He said that he and Kerrion have been going to family therapy “to know what the deeper issue is, we are just trying to help.” He added that he respects Kerrion but knows that he is not Kerrion’s equal. Instead, he is his father. “I respect Kerrion. I’m not Kerrion’s equal though. I’m his dad  … I can’t hear you when you are extremely aggressive when we’re communicating.”


In the preview, Kirk noted that the two have had problems for years, however, “as he’s [Kerrion] gotten older, his disrespect has become more aggressive,” he said. “I’m a father, and I’m a father that has a son, and I have a history, I have a history of a toxic, challenging, turbulent relationship with a grown man now that I’m still trying to fight for. And in that fight, it can become so difficult that my humanity, unfortunately, that day, won. And I’m going to keep trying, while still continuing to admit that I am an imperfect man fighting to serve a perfect God.” 

You can watch the preview below.