Piers Morgan is using social media to fire off on broadcasters who are criticizing the former Good Morning Britain anchor who used his second to last day on air to invalidate Meghan Markle’s claims of racism from the Royal Family.

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During a recent CBS This Morning broadcast, Gayle King revealed that she had spoken to Markle and Prince Harry about the media reaction to the interview which triggered Morgan to respond via Twitter.

Morgan also went after his former colleague Don Lemon who Morgan felt accused him of being racist while tripling down on his belief that Markle’s comments were “bullshit.”


“Hi @donlemon – are you suggesting in this segment that I am racist because I don’t believe Meghan Markle’s bullsh*t? If so, do you have any evidence to support my ‘racism’ towards Ms Markle? If not, would you like to apologise for such a shameful smear against a former colleague,” Morgan wrote on Twitter.

After Markle opened up in an interview with Oprah, Morgan used his air time to accuse the former royal princess of lying on the royal family when among other things Markle claimed the British royalty had concerns of Markle’s son’s skin complexion. After tens of thousands of complaints, Morgan resigned from his hosting job but has continued to defend his stance on Twitter.