Troy Ave dropped a four-part YouTube reality series on Wednesday that documents the Brooklyn rapper’s day-to-day lifestyle in a sometimes serious but more often light-hearted, humorous fashion.

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“All About The Money”, titled after his hit single 2015 hit single, documents Ave’s business ventures from music, real estate and clothing while also diving into his personal life with his two sons, relationships and the fallout from the 2016 Irving Plaza shooting.

The “She Belongs to the Game” writer loosely comments on dealing with the court case that could land him in jail for up to 20 years, a story that seems like it’ll get more attention on coming episodes.


Despite the ongoing court cases, Ave hasn’t remained quiet still dropping music regularly and now using his platform to give fans an inside look at his life past the controversy.

Dropping his reality show independently as he’s done with his music throughout his career, the “God is Great Paper Straight” apparel founder plans to drop new episodes every Wednesday at 8pm on his YouTube channel.

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