Coming off a win over the Charlotte Hornets, Kyle Kuzma is letting fans and the league know that LeBron James greatness is being taken for granted. With the MVP race heating up, Kuz feels not only should LeBron get this one, but should have won nearly ten times by now.

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“The NBA MVP is a very political award,” Kuzma said. “Bron should have been the MVP at least eight, nine, 10 times. Everybody knows that.”

James would agree with Kuzma’s assessment. “I should have more than four, I believe,” James said to ESPN. “But … I don’t sit around thinking about it or crying about it, or whatever the case may be. I just try to come in the next season and be the MVP and be talked about [for] it again. I bet a lot of the greatest that played this game feel like they should have more as well, if you ask any one of those guys.


Do you agree with King James and Kuzma?