NBA Young boy was arrested on March 22nd in Tarzana, Los Angeles for an outstanding federal warrant. Police reportedly caught the rapper after he attempted to flee on foot with a K-9 unit and building a perimeter with helicopters and restricted areas to locate the 21-year-old. The police have reportedly been building a case against NBA Young boy for over a year.

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While the story broke that the rapper has been arrested, there is now leaked footage of his arrest. In the video, shared to Dj Akademiks page, you can hear the helicopters flying in search of the rapper as well as seeing the visual of officers blocking off certain roads from civilians. After a while, you can hear an officer instructing NBA Youngboy to come out with his hands up or a K-9 unit will be sent out to get him.

While it is still unclear what the rapper is being charged with, we hope NBA Youngboy will be able to continue his music career and be present in the lives of his seven children.