It’s been less than 24 hours since the arrest of NBA Young boy and social media is already in a frenzy. While fans are curious about the whereabouts of the superstar, Youngboy’s loved ones are speaking out amid the controversy.

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The 21-year-old has been arrested yesterday for having an outstanding federal warrant. The rapper reportedly tried to escape police on foot after being pulled over in Tarzana, Los Angeles at around 11 AM, but his flee was cut short after authorities set out a K-9 unit and perimeter to find him.

Since the rapper’s arrest, many of his loved ones have come to social media to speak on the matter. The rapper’s most recent baby mother, daughter to Floyd Mayweather, posted that her “day has been completely ruined” right around the time that the news circulated the internet.


Kodak also posted on social media about the situation despite him and BNA Youngboy not being on the coolest of terms at the moment. “Ion Wish Jail On Nobody Tell Dem Send Me Dey Casy App Ima Buy Dey Whole Gang A Lil Sandwich While Bruh Gone,” he penned.

“Or Ah Hot Dog Out Da Gas station N*ggas Ain’t Tripping Howeva,” he continued.

As Kodak was on live, he further talked about his thoughts on Young Boy’s arrest after someone asked was he happy to see the rapper behind bars. “Hell nah I ain’t happy YB went to jail. What I’m happy he went to jail for? That was my little bruh at one point, you know what I’m saying. F*ck I’m happy for? You know what I’m saying? We street n*ggas, that could be anybody.”

Jania, one of young boy’s baby mothers went to Twitter and posted, “Only 7 little people really matter right now idgaf about the rest,” alluding to the seven children that Young boy is the father of.

Sherhonda Gaulden, mother of NBA Young boy came to her Instagram story with a few words on her son’s behalf. “Stop worrying about somebody down fall and pray for your own come up.”

As more details develop regarding NBA YoungBoy we will keep you updated.