Benny the Butcher is still on fire. With The Plugs I Met 2 currently flowing through the streets, Benny is revealing that the heavyweights are ready to work alongside him.

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The Butcher already has a single in the tuck with Drake, but revealed on Bootleg Kev’s podcast that some work with JAY-Z could be on the horizon, asking Emory Jones to hook up a collaboration.

“One time I flew out here,” Benny said. “He had an idea of a song that he wanted to do with me and I flew out here to do a song with him but he was movin’ around and doin’ shit, you know what I’m sayin’? That’s the fuckin’ president times 10.”


The new release follows 2020’s Burden of Proof, which The Butcher reveals he recorded at the same time.

“I recorded both projects (Burden Of Proof & The Plugs I Met 2) at the same time, so it’s the same headspace; but a different energy. I recorded Burden Of Proof in Cali with Hit-Boy and The Plugs I Met 2 in Brooklyn with Harry and you can hear that influence” Benny explained.

“Plugs 2 is the story of a hustler who has realized success but understands how fragile it is. Lyrically, the album shows Benny reflecting on what he’s sacrificed to get here and what he’ll need to do to continue his rise to the top” Harry Fraud added. “With this project, we set out to transport the listener into a world that was lush, but still gritty, triumphant, but still emotional and sonically diverse across the board.”

You can hear the album below.