Apparently lean and sex don’t mix, well according to Rick Ross.

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Before Rick Ross decided to drop some weight, and before him saying “Pears” became a viral meme, Ross suffered from seizures as a result of his addiction to lean. In a recently resurfaced 2019 interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Ross recalls the time he passed out during sex due to drinking lean.

Ross said how his addiction to lean got to a point where he “couldn’t do it anymore.” His addiction had caused him to lose some of his faculties. “I had started falling asleep at the red light. I was having sex before, I woke up and the girl was like [screaming and crying],” he said while everyone laughed as Rozay imitated the frightened woman. He added that she was scared because she believed he died in the middle of the act.


You can check out the full interview below. The part where Ross recalls the incident is around the 26-minute mark.