Born and raised in Compton, California, Hip Hop artist Leon Ross knows the struggles of having an absent father. The trials and tribulations of his childhood would lead him to a near death experience, a turbulent custody battle and existential moments that forced him to reevaluate how his decisions will ultimately impact his life. Launching his own business called “Daddys Unite”, Leon has decided to help educate other dads who might not be aware of their rights as fathers. A non-profit as well as a movement, Daddys Unite encourages all step dads, fathers and father figures alike to support one another in order to better support their own families. Inspired by his own personal journey as a dad and not being able to see his child when he wanted to, he was programmed to think that the court system was just against black men. But not having his dad around to be a good influence on him withheld him from the opportunity to learn the skills he needed in order to fight for the rights that he deserved.

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Leon plans to use his music and his acting career to help promote Daddys Unite. At only 7 years old, his son is already feeling inspired to pursue his dreams. Having a dad like Leon to look up to has motivated him to pursue his own career at a young age. He’s been an actor since he was just months old, playing on the TV show “Shameless” as Vanessa Calloway’s son “Dominic”. Ready to take things to new heights, Leon plans to launch a Sunday brunchevent for dads to come together and eat, have fun and network with one another. And until Daddys Unite gets to exactly the place where he wants it to be, Leon will continue to pursue the ultimate trifecta with acting, music and daddy’s unite at the forefront of his career. For more information or simply email