Phil Jackson feels bad for Donald Trump. The former 11-time NBA champion head coach Jackson joined Coby Karl’s “The Curious Leader” podcast for an interview published on Thursday.

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Jackson cited various factors that went against him, including the media, fans, and star player Carmelo Anthony.

Jackson told Karl that he believes he was fighting an uphill battle because the media has it out for the Knicks. According to Jackson, they were looking for any reason to make himself and the Knicks brand look wack. Jackson made it out to sound like he knew exactly what Trump was going through during his presidency.


“I kind of understand what Trump had to live with probably for his first 3.5 years in office with the media,” Jackson said, via the New York Daily News.

Jackson and Trump believes that the media might be the boogieman. Even if the media was out to get them, both their resent track record showed that neither was great at their respective jobs at the end.