According to a news report from Fox 5, Atlanta, 65 people were arrested in South Fulton County this past weekend in what is being described as a “drug grocery store” by authorities.

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Investigators say that vendors set up their illegal weed dispensary or “sesh” in a 12,000 square foot warehouse, selling various illegal products, but mostly marijuana-based.

South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadow said, “It really is a bold step to take this sort of a warehouse and then turn it into a drug operation. Certainly unusual from our standpoint. As you can see from the number of individuals we have detained behind us, it was well patronized.”


Authorities are still determining which of the 65 people were customers and who were the vendors. With events such as this being held in several East Coast cities, even in states where marijuana decriminalization is in limbo, these types of busts are sure to increase in the states where marijuana is still illegal.