It is a general consensus that Boosie Badazz is one of Hip-Hop’s most entertaining rappers. In addition to music, the Baton Rouge rapper has built quite a following for his social media antics and statements. If you have not followed Bossie Badazz over the past year on social, you were certainly missing out.

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Most recently, Boosie went on a social media search for anyone who is willing to get slapped for a music video. He was also willing to pay the individual. In a world where viral moments can turn into leverage and/or currency, you can assume that someone was going to respond. Boosie certainly found his slapping muse for his music video.

The “Wipe Me Down” rapper recently release his new, “Period,” featuring DaBaby. During a behind-the-scenes look, Boosie and DaBaby appear at a corner store to purchase backwoods. A disheveled man walks up and taunts Boosie. Let’s just say Boosie wasn’t having it.


“You one of these punk ass rappers, says the gentleman. You can’t rap. How you gonna tell me you’re a god damn rapper?”

Before the guy could get another word, Boosie’s hand went flying across his face, which certainly made him think twice. Good thing it was for a music video. The man was paid $554 in cash for being a good sport and allowing Boosie to slap him.

“IG deleted me at 1 million smh, wtf is this bra,” said Boosie. “I ain’t posting no more dumb sh*t y’all.

Boosie is no stranger to deleted accounts. His previous account was deleted less than a year ago. He even offered to pay to get his IG account back.

“@instagram tell zuck I got 200K to get my sh*t back,” he says referring to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who also owns Instagram.