Boosie Badazz’s return to Instagram was very short-lived and the rapper is accusing Mark Zuckerberg of being a racist.

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A video of the Baton Rouge rapper slapping a man surfaced on the Internet over the weekend. Apparently, it was behind-the-scenes footage of a music video for his upcoming collaboration with DaBaby.

Boosie launched a social media campaign to search for the perfect stunt man for who he offered $554 compensation.


In the clip in question, the man was seen shouting at Boosie and DaBaby, “You one of these punk a** rappers. You can’t rap. How you gonna tell me you’re a G*d d*mn rapper?” That’s when Boosie Badazz taught the man what the five fingers said to the face.

In another clip, you see Boosie paying the man as promised plus throwing in a tip for his good work.

Shortly after the video went viral, the veteran rapper’s Instagram account vanished once again and he immediately sounded off on Twitter.

“@zuck u just a racist,” he wrote, before promoting his new, low-key page.

This isn’t Boosie Badazz’s first issue with violating Instagram violation rights.

Long before Quarantine Radio became popular, Boosie coined the infamous catchphrase “put your p**** on live and I’ll give you a thousand dollars,” while showing explicit content on his Instagram live.